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In the spring of 2017, our “T3-01” headphones, which was developed and released with an aim to achieve “ultimate natural sound” that’s unique to “TAGO STUDIO” have been supported by many and were able to establish high reputations.Our next mission was to realize the natural sound of “T3-01” with much more portable canal-type earphones.“T3-01” was assumed to be used in studios, however, “T3-02” is assumed to be used in outdoor settings.The environment isn’t always quiet, and we also have to take the factor of sound leakage into consideration, so high performance in sound insulation, in particular, was a very important element to us.We kept on seeking for the most appropriate sound for outer environment in terms of structure, design and tuning.We searched and searched without compromising for “ultimate natural sound that’s portable.”
The level of sound proof function required in a recording studio is extremely high – it needs to prevent all sounds within the studio from leaking and it also needs to cancel all kinds of noise from outside in order to provide complete silence.Professional recording studios including “TAGO STUDIO TAKASAKI” normally have what’s called “BOX-IN-BOX structure,” which is a floating sound insulation architecture style to have a room floating inside of another room.On “T3-02,” we have applied this “BOX-IN-BOX structure” to the earphone design.And we have managed to drastically improve the sound insulation capacity by creating another earphone (core unit) inside an earphone.
Notes on purchasing
・About individual housing differences
The housing of the T3-02 is carved from solid maple wood, and each piece of wood has its own unique grain and color.
The birth of a monitor and gaming headphone that inherits the DNA of the TAGO STUDIO T3-01.
Professional recording studio "TAGO STUDIO".
TOKUMI, a headphone manufacturer with many years of experience in the field.
In TAKASAKI, a town where music exists,
the specialists of sound met and created a new form.
Historic Phone
Historic Phone
As part of its commitment to a sustainable society, TAGO STUDIO has decided to launch the "Historic Phone" series of headphones that reuse wood waste.
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